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Running your business would be even more enjoyable if you didn’t spend so much of your precious time managing your accounts team, doing paperwork or dealing with all things tax… Well, with a team of pigs in your life, you can focus on your customers and business growth.


pay monthly

With our fixed fee cloud accounting packages, you pay monthly, helping with your budgeting & cash-flow.  It’s up to you to decide how much you want us to do – for example, we can do all elements of your bookkeeping & accounting – from processing receipts to producing financial reports – or you may want to do your own processing with us being your “compliance” – the choice is yours. Every package includes cloud software, so no worrying about additional software subscriptions. If your circumstances change – no problem – your package can change with you. 

pay as you go

If you prefer to pay for things as you go along, that’s fine too. Tell us what you want doing, we’ll fix the price and schedule in the work.

some faqs

No! We work with Limited Companies of all shapes and sizes, and as your needs change, we will change with you. Flexibility is a key part of our service. Unfortunately we are not currently taking on Sole Traders.

Having accurate and up-to-date financial records is not only a statutory requirement but it also helps you manage critical components of your business. It will enable you to answer questions such as:

  • How much money is my business owed
  • How much money does my business owe?
  • Are we making enough money to support the business & realise a profit?
  • Is the business adhering to its statutory responsibilities?
  • When does the business need to submit a payment to HMRC?
  • Using an external service to manage your financial records can save you staff overheads, operating costs and vital management time – enabling you to focus on making your business a success.

Using an external service to manage your financial records can save you staff overheads, operating costs and vital management time – enabling you to focus on making your business a success.

First and foremost, you will be able to spend more time running your business! Additionally, outsourcing means you do not have to have full-time resources on your payroll – therefore no employer overheads such as pensions auto-enrolment, employer’s NI contributions. All work will be completed to required timescales, preventing penalties from HMRC. We will provide you with reports, to timing requested by you, so you can see the financial position of your company and how it is performing

We will work with you to find the most pragmatic and cost effective solution for your business.  All our packages include cloud software as standard, ensuring you are ready for the move to digital tax records by HMRC. We are XERO experts and do not currently work with SAGE, FREEAGENT or QUICKBOOKS.

Yes – we try and make sure everything we do is online. From documents that need signing through to copies of your bills & receipts, we use technology to alleviate those storage issues and trips to the Post Office to send yet another letter.

With the cloud, there really is no need for you to provide space in your offices, immediately saving on overheads such as desk space and utilities. We have a fully equipped office and are always available via the phone, email or even video calls. ​

sty in the sky

As well as truffling numbers, we are slight techie geeks, so love working with technology to make sure we deliver the best service possible, at a price that works for you. We are big supporters of cloud based solutions – ensuring you can get to your information wherever you are in the world, and at any time. Quite honestly, technology allows us to provide you with a better bookkeeping and accounting service because it makes us more efficient, so we can provide value-added services as opposed to just “necessary evils”. 

But, we don’t talk a different language and bombard you with bonkers tax terminology, or techie speak…we are just simple pigs at the end of the day.