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the core team

The Accounting Pig
Sty Director

The techno Pig
Sty Head of Tech

The Foraging Pig
Sty Head of Bookkeeping

The Truffling Pig
Sty Bookkeeping Manager

so, what’s with the pigs?

Aren’t accountants supposed to be serious and only talk to their calculators? Well we are different, that’s why we are pigs! As your accounts department, bookkeeper or accountant, we chat through your goals, get to know you and your business and keep your accounts up-to-date and compliant. We are a safe pair of trotters, providing you with business insights and performance data to help you achieve success. 

Our most important aim is to make you a happy, long-term customer because we look after your business as if it’s our own.

The Accounting Pig would welcome the opportunity to provide you with all the support you need so you can keep the bacon on the table.

sty in the sky

As well as truffling numbers, we are slight techie geeks, so love working with technology to make sure we deliver the best service possible, at a price that works for you. We use cloud based solutions – ensuring you can get to your information wherever you are in the world, and at any time. Quite honestly, technology allows us to provide you with a better service because it makes us more efficient, so we can provide value-added services as opposed to just “necessary evils”. 

But, we don’t talk a different language and bombard you with bonkers tax terminology, or techie speak…we are just simple pigs at the end of the day.