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cloud accounting

Moving your business to the cloud is NOT an onerous task! We will transition your accounts from whatever you are currently using – a spreadsheet, desktop software, pieces of paper, and even from one of those old fashioned accountants!

why go digital?

It’s Automagic!
No more keeping bundles of receipts and invoices in carrier bags or shoe boxes! We use software that automagically processes those pesky pieces of paper into an electronic record!  ​All through the power of an App that we provide as part of our cloud packages. 

It’s Smarter!
You can make decisions about your business in real-time, not a month, or six-months after – when it may be too late. No more truffling through a 10-page report that is full of words, and out-of-date by the time it is produced. Information is available 24*7 on an easy to read dashboard, that is as up-to-date as your financial data.

Why wait for your next set of accounts to be produced to understand your profit, growth forecast or tax liability?

It’s Super Cool!
​​How often have you been presented with a document that is full of words, trying to explain how something is performing? After a couple of paragraphs, the words all just blend into one big heap of mumbo-jumbo, and at the end, you are none the wiser about what the report is trying to tell you. Often you can spend hours creating yet another monster spreadsheet to try and impress on your Bank Manager how well you are doing. Well, it’s time to say goodbye to monsters and hello to super cool and funky graphical reports – which can even fit on 1-page, and tell you much more than that 10-pager that’s gathering dust!

“Choosing The Accounting Pig was the first big decision we made as a business, and four years on it is still one of the best we have made. I simply don’t have to worry about the accounting side of things, which leaves me free to focus on what we do best.”

Andy Steer
Vividly Simple Ltd

“We’ve been with Wendy and her team for several years now. They look after four businesses that I am involved in, encompassing CIS, PAYE, Pensions all the usual CT, Tax and Accounting stuff, as well as various Self Assessments for Directors.  Always very helpful and responsive and moreover their systems and processes work for us.”

Carl Jaffer
Vividly Simple Ltd