Accountants with Oink

why work with us?

The answer is simple!

We love accounting, we are interested in you and your business, and we care.

Whether you need us to raise invoices, reconcile your accounts, run your payroll, produce your final accounts and tax returns or need formal Board or performance reporting, The Accounting Pig team has it covered. 

We provide uncomplicated, proactive outsourced accounting services to Limited companies across the UK, with turnover ranging from £50k to £75m


how we work

Running a business is hard work – employing an accounts team is expensive, keeping accounts up-to-date on your own is time consuming. With a team of pigs in your life, you can focus on growing your business.

sty in the sky

Cloud accounting has changed the accounting sector – and that is a really good thing in our opinion. Doesn’t it frustrate you that in this ‘want it and want it now age” you often have to wait for several months after your year end to find out how your business is doing? That’s such a crazy way of working! And if an accountant tells you it’s the way it has to be, then you need to challenge them – moving to the cloud means you are in control of your business at all times… which means you can make regular adjustments that ensure you continue to prosper.

Using technology is at the heart of everything we do, we constantly review the market for new apps & tools that enhance our services so we can provide more value to our clients. With HMRC rolling out digital accounting , now is a good time for your business to transition to smarter ways of working.