Accountants with OINK!

Pigs and GDPR

OUR sty is secure!

For your reassurance, here is how we are complying with the GDPR guidelines

  • AWARENESS - all the pigs have been educated on the changes that GDPR introduces and understand what it means to us and our clients

  • INFORMATION WE HOLD - we have checked through all of the data we hold and only keep what we need

  • COMMUNICATION - our Privacy Policy has been updated and we have let people know. You can also view it here

  • ENFORCEMENT PIG - we have one, he's one mean hog and he keeps us in line! He's called Data Protection Oink.

  • CLIENTS RIGHTS - we have procedures in place to cover individual's rights, including how we delete or provide data to you electronically

  • DATA BREACHES - rigorous procedures are in place to detect, investigate and, if necessary, report data breaches

  • CHILDREN - in the unlikely event we collect any personal data on children, we have tough and secure systems in place to protect them

  • SPAM - as pigs we eat most things - even spam. We don't like sharing our spam, so don't expect any from us.

  • PROCESSING YOUR DATA - our contracts explain exactly how we use and protect this data

  • STORAGE - we are UK based but we use cloud systems so there can be cross-border processing. We explain this in our privacy policy


The underlying message is we care for your data as if it was our own...

….you are in safe trotters with The Accounting Pig... 

The Accounting Pig Limited