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Accountants with OINK!
Sty Director

I am fond of pigs.

Dogs look up to us

Cats look down on us

Pigs treat us as equals

Winston Churchill

Cloud accounting is changing the accounting sector - and that is a really good thing in our opinion. Doesn't it frustrate you that in this 'want it and want it now age" you often have to wait for several months after your year end to find out how your business is doing? That's such a crazy way of working! And if an accountant tells you it's the way it has to be, then you need to challenge them - moving to the cloud means ​you are in control of your business at all times....which means you can make adjustments that ensure you continue to prosper.

A refreshing approach

  • Fixed price services - no unexpected bills
  • We work with your throughout the year, not just at year end
  • We get to know your business and goals so we can help you succeed
  • ​Up to date technology, ensuring you are ahead of the move to digital tax services
  • ​​Mobile apps mean you can access your data at any time
    Paperless! No more needing to find somewhere to store those carrier bags!
  • ​Digital signatures, meaning documents can be signed from your mobile
  • ​If you need a solution to a business problem, we will help to find it for you
  • Geeky pigs are cool​

Mission Statement

To make a difference by providing a friendly, informal service, which demonstrates accountants are not all a strange phenomenon who only speak in spiel from a bygone age! Most of all, to make you a happy long-term customer. 

So what's with the geeky pigs?  Aren't accountants supposed to be all serious and only talk to their calculators? Well we prefer to talk to our customers on a regular basis so we get to know you and your business. We would like you to view us as your trusted advisor, who can help with your business planning, do the books, sort out your tax and be a safe pair of trotters who provide you with business insights and performance data to help you achieve success. 

As well as truffling numbers, we are slight techie geeks, so love working with technology to make sure we deliver the best service possible, at a price that works for you. Quite honestly, technology allows us to provide you with a better bookkeeping and accounting service because it makes us more efficient, so we can provide value-added services as opposed to just "necessary evils". But, we don't talk a different language and bombard you with bonkers tax terminology, or techie speak...we are just simple pigs at the end of the day. 

Our most important aim is to make you a happy, long-term customer! I feel we achieve this through providing you with a friendly, informal service that cares about your business. We are big supporters of cloud based solutions - ensuring you can get to your information wherever you are in the world, and at any time. 

​The Accounting Pig would welcome the opportunity to provide you with all the support you need so you can keep the bacon on the table. (Bit of a weird statement from a vegetarian!)


​Proud to be a Pig!

We are cloud accounting specialists - but what does that really mean?

A word from the Sty director